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The Science Behind Tiege Hanley's Cutting-Edge Skin Care

This article only covers scientific fact and avoids all personal opinions. Read it and never see your skin the same.

Every single day our skin is overwhelmed by airborne chemicals, particles and light, which speed up the aging process.

Our incredibly resilient bodies can take a beating—until they can’t.
Diet and exercise help but it is equally essential to exercise the skin by unclogging pores, nourishing, and firming skin to create a soft, flexible protective barrier.

As a guy trying to look his best in this competitive world, I want advantages that can make a significant difference to my skin’s health.

This isn't merely about looking good. Maintaining healthy skin, particularly on your face, is crucial for overall skin health.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Skin Health

Your skin is your body's first line of defense, safeguarding against dirt, harmful bacteria, damaging UV radiation, and more. It's a temperature regulator too, alerting you to extreme heat and cold. Maintaining healthy skin not only enhances your appearance but also signals a healthy body.

Men's skin is usually thicker and tougher than women's. However, the skin on your face is relatively delicate. Utilizing products laden with harsh chemicals can disrupt the natural balance required for a clean, clear, and healthy complexion. Hence, a quality skin care routine is essential to preserve the health and appearance of your skin. This includes maintaining a consistent skin tone, a uniform texture, a fresh appearance, and a comfortable feeling.

The Science Powering Tiege Hanley Skin Care

Understanding the unique skin care needs of men, Tiege Hanley offers a range of specially formulated, high-quality products to suit these requirements. Our products are engineered to cater to the distinct attributes of masculine skin, for which generic women's products are often ill-suited.

At the core of our products is our cutting-edge peptide technology. This proprietary skin care formula revolutionizes how skin care works, improving the function and appearance of your skin from within. Additionally, our AM moisturizer with SPF 20 comes highly recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

A Peek into the Tiege Hanley Product Line

  • WASH: Given that men produce more oil than women, there's a higher risk of skin irritations and blemishes. Over-cleaning can strip away essential oils and trigger the skin to compensate by producing more oil. WASH efficiently removes dirt, grime, and excess oil, alleviating redness and inflammation without drying the skin.
  • SCRUB: The thicker skin and abundant facial hair of men necessitate a potent exfoliator. SCRUB successfully removes dead skin cells, enhancing the absorption of powerful ingredients in our SUPER SERUM and ACNE products, all without causing irritation.
  • MOISTURIZERS (AM and PM): Moisturizing helps protect the skin against damaging UV rays and environmental stressors that cause wrinkles, discoloration, acne, and dehydration. Our AM moisturizer provides lightweight, non-greasy hydration, offers anti-aging skin protection, and reduces UV-induced skin cancer risk. In contrast, our PM moisturizer works overnight to repair and hydrate the skin, mitigating daily environmental skin stressors.
  • EYES: Specifically formulated to hydrate and treat the delicate area under men's eyes.
  • SERUM: Our revolutionary SUPER SERUM is designed to deliver targeted hydration, enhance skin texture, and address signs of aging. Formulated with potent ingredients, the serum gets absorbed quickly, leaving your skin feeling smooth, revitalized, and youthful.

Synergistic Science: How Tiege Hanley Products Work Together

Our skin care line at Tiege Hanley is not just a collection of products but a scientifically designed skin care system. Each product works in harmony with the others, amplifying the overall benefits and effectiveness.

The WASH product clears away dirt, grime, and excess oil, prepping the skin for the SCRUB to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. The SERUM is then effectively absorbed, delivering potent anti-aging benefits thanks to its peptide technology. AM and PM moisturizers hydrate and protect the skin round the clock, with the EYES product catering specifically to the delicate under-eye area.

The Power of Peptide Technology

At the heart of our skin care line is the innovative peptide technology. Peptides are small protein fragments that have been shown to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This technology has been extensively studied and found to have numerous benefits for skin health and appearance. For instance, a 2019 study found that peptides can stimulate skin growth and repair, improve skin barrier function, and even have antimicrobial properties.

Tiege Hanley has harnessed the power of these peptides in its formulations, providing you with products that work at a cellular level to improve your skin's appearance and health. We invite you to experience the difference that a scientifically designed, peptide-based skin care regimen can make.


Let’s address the elephant in the room– there are many far too many beauty products out there. It’s really hard to know which to pick.

We sent Aaron on a mission to compare retail products to those found in the Tiege Hanley Systems. Here’s what he found:

Khiels and Neutrogena are amazing unisex brands but they have unfortunately high costs. Lower in the article we’ll show exactly why their costs are higher, and how we’ve been able to 📈 quality while 📉 costs.

Tiege was founded by three men who understood that men’s skin produces more sebum and tends to be oiler. Men are different, their products should be too.



Older Guys Get it

83% of men 65 and older agree that, “Men need to look after their skin,” while only 59% of young men aged 18-24 agree. Looks like skin health is something men recognize later in life, which is unfortunate.

We Start Aging at 45 25

Once we hit 25 our collagen levels can start to slowly deplete. It sucks, I know.

But this doesn’t mean starting at 45 is too late. Many of our customers are over 50.

Why Cure When Prevention Is on the Table?

Men are selective about health care– caring about some aspects while ignoring others.

For example, we’ve been conditioned to pay attention to dental hygiene, brushing and flossing daily. We visit the dentist regularly and listen to what the doc says.

Contrast this with another type of visit. In an ideal world, you’re seeing a dermatologist once a year. The worst thing a Derm can tell you is you’re not using sunscreen and you’ve developed pre-cancerous spots or something along those lines. But they should also reveal if our skin is dry, oily or acne prone, which they don’t.

What makes it normal to take care of teeth but not your skin?

Tiege Didn’t Just Get It Right on the First Try

We started by trying to shortlist the best men's skin care products (that already existed) and selling them in bundles. It quickly became clear these products were too expensive or were not formulated for men.

So we pivoted to the expensive route of custom formulations.

Through a lot of trial and error– that nearly killed us– we eventually found the perfect regimen.

I’m sharing this so you can see that having a product that actually delivers is so much more valuable than fancy packaging.

If you buy our system, and don’t see solid results, send it back. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Compared to competitors, the concentration of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Retinyl Palmitate in our EYES and SERUM products is much higher.

Repeated muscle contractions increase the depth of facial wrinkles. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 & Pentapeptide-18 work by intercepting these muscle contraction signals sent by the brain. This is much less invasive than Botox injections.

Our ACNE product has Salicylic Acid at 1.6%. Some say we should go to 2% which a lot of competitors have. But what they don’t know is that our product is a leave-on cream, not a rinse-off product like a cleanser or toner. We tested Salicylic Acid at 2% and I wanted to scratch the skin off my face at the end of the day!

This Skin Care Routine for Men kit is fragrance-free to avoid skin irritation. The scents in it are from carefully selected natural extracts.

“Are You Made in 🇺🇸?”

Yes—manufactured and formulated in the USA.

If Your Products Are So Premium, Why Don’t They Cost More?

The big boys spend years, and millions building retail partnerships. As a result, their operating costs are huge. They can’t just get up and exit longstanding retail partnerships.

We understand the difficult situation they’re in.

Because we were born on the Internet we were fortunate we didn’t have to rely on a middleman to reach our end buyer.

This meant we could deliver high quality products at lower costs.

We also don't have super high-paid executives, expensive real-estate, or stockholders. All this allows us to eliminate the CRAZY markups and margins.

The big brands charge whatever they want because they assume men don’t know any better—most of us are new to this. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable because our fine-tuned system provides the exact amount of product you need on a daily basis. You won’t be overpaying or underusing anything.

Also, because we are a subscription business our relationships aren’t transactional– we have skin in the game.

There’s far too much pressure to buy now, act now. Don’t feel rushed. We aren’t going anywhere. And when you’re ready we look forward to giving you the best skin of your life.

At Tiege Hanley, we believe that skin care for men should be straightforward, affordable, and effective. That’s why we’ve devoted our efforts to designing, formulating, and testing our products to work seamlessly together within specific skin care systems. We’ve built each system around a 30-day regimen, providing guys with a simple, efficient approach to skin health that they can use confidently every day.