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Body Products

DEO - Sandalwood

Body Products

DEO - Sandalwood

Tiege Hanley’s natural DEO for men is an invisible, light and refreshing stick of deodorant. It is a perfect balance of odor neutralizing and sweat absorbing ingredients. It smells amazing, too. Tiege Hanley’s proprietary “Sandalwood” scent combines rich earthy and woody tones for an unmistakably masculine fragrance. Expect fresh, dry underarms all day long and a unique pleasant scent that keeps confidence at an all-time high. Aluminum free and safe for sensitive skin.

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Money Back Guarantee

Meet the Tiege Hanley Handsome Guarantee. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all purchases.

Fresh and Dry

You should have the utmost confidence in your deodorant. Fresh, dry, great smelling underarms—no matter the situation—should be your expectation. That’s what you get with Tiege Hanley’s DEO. It’s formulated with odor neutralizing and sweat absorbing ingredients to keep you comfortable all day long. Get used to consistency, because there are no surprises with this stick of deodorant. Enjoy the peace of mind.

Odor Neutralizing

Kills body-odor causing bacteria

Draws out toxins

Maintains healthy pH

Sweat Absorbing

Wicks away moisture

Keeps you dry

Does not clog pores

Great Smelling

Unique masculine scent

Long lasting

Not overpowering

How to Use

Apply to dry, clean skin. Three swift strokes from the top of each armpit to the bottom should do the trick.


Every day

Usage Amounts

Three strokes each arm pit

Day Supply

DEO should last 60-90 days, depending on usage.

Helping Guys Achieve Great Skin Care Results



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Tiege Hanley products are formulated and designed to work together. Each product you incorporate into your routine leads to a stronger overall effect. That’s why our tried-and-true Skin Care Systems help you achieve your skin care goals faster, but any combination of products you try will work harder than an individual product alone.

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