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LIP is a hydrating lip balm for men appropriate for all climates and conditions. The high-quality ingredients create a protective barrier against wind, dry air, and many other elements. This variety smells/tastes like peppermint.

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Softer, Smoother, and Hydrated Lips

You never think about your lips until there’s something wrong with them. Nip dry, chapped and unappealing lips in the bud with a hydrating lip balm that not only restores the hydration and softness you want, but provides the protection you need all day.

Soft, Smooth Lips


Improves texture

Improves appearance

Great Scent and Flavor

Fresh peppermint

Subtle and pleasant



Combats chapped lips



How to Use

Gently roll the lip balm over your top and bottom lips to prevent or repair dry, chapped lips.


Use as often as necessary.

Usage Amounts

Use as much as necessary.

Day Supply

Length will vary depending on use.

Helping Guys Achieve Great Skin Care Results



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