What A Difference 2 Weeks Made! – Wordless Wednesday

Here’s a video of Shadow walking down the hallway at the vet’s office, just before her stem cell infusion…

As you can see, her back legs and paws were very close together as she walked.

Then, at her two-week follow-up visit, we took another walk down that same hallway…

See how much further apart those back legs and paws are?

Now we are at the four-week mark and she’s walking even better. And there are other signs, too, that those stem cells are “doing their thing”.

“Pure Contentment¬†

Shadow, Ducky, and I spent nearly two hours in the back yard earlier this afternoon playing chase and fetch and just enjoying the sunshine. 

When Shadow’s arthritis started bothering her, I decided it was time for us to come back inside for some rest.

Once inside, the girls had a 30-second play session and then decided to take a nap.